What are the different wedding dress silhouettes?

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress the considerations of color, silhouette and construction are paramount. Settling on the color is pretty straightforward -- either you want to wear white, a variant shade of white or you prefer to go with a color. Today, deciding which is a matter of tradition and taste that basically comes down to personal [...]

Buyer Beware of Fake Wedding Dresses

When you find a designer wedding dress online that's priced too good to be true...IT IS! Con artists are making a mint scamming brides-to-be with cheap knock-offs of top-quality wedding dresses. The pictures of the dresses you see on the various sites look great because they're the designers' real photos. What you actually get for your money from these crooks [...]

Pronovias thrills with new wedding dress line

All of the wedding dress designers we carry here at New York Bride & Groom have collections filled with beautiful garments. A sustained high level of quality is why we offer these particular lines. Every season we expect to be wowed by the dresses we receive and we’re never disappointed. On occasion, though, one of our designers will come up [...]

Wedding Dress Tips For Plus-Size Brides

If you’re a full-figured woman who’s ready to start searching for your ideal plus-size wedding dress, there are a few things you should know to make the process easier. Of course, the first and best tip is this: Start your shopping at New York Bride & Groom. We offer a dedicated plus-size wedding dress department and have helped brides of every size and shape [...]

25 Wedding Planning Tips From Real Newlyweds

Bridal Guide magazine has compiled an online list of wedding preparation tips from a panel of real and relatable wedding experts: 25 couples who’ve recently said “I do.” The advice runs the gamut from a recommendation that you hire a day-of coordinator to an admonishment to remember to eat something to keep your energy up. Here are the first three entries in the [...]

Wedding dress shopping tips — for before you leave home

Wedding dress shopping in Charlotte, NC is one of the most memorable and magical parts of the pre-ceremony preparations. Seeing yourself in the exact right dress for the very first time is wondrous. The whole process, from planning to purchase, should be genial and gratifying. If you do your homework, it more likely will be. What’s the homework? Going over the [...]

‘Lucky’ bride gives away her wedding dress

Alissa Walter (left) and bride-to-be Renee Stroinski. What do you do when you're a deliriously happy new bride who feels like you've been given everything you ever wanted? Well, if you're Washington, D.C. newlywed Alisa Walter, you pass the blessing on in dress form. On Nov. 19, NBC's "Today" show played host as Walter gifted her gorgeous silk [...]

A Pink Wedding Dress Like Jessica Biel

When actress Jessica Biel married singer/actor Justin Timberlake Oct. 19 in a super secret $6.5 million Italian wedding, her colors weren’t Blush and Bashful (“Steel Magnolias” reference FTW!) but she still opted to wear a stunning pink Giambattista Valli gown for the ceremony. Biel called her pink showstopper (pictured) "the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." A rather intimate [...]