Looking Good: 2020 Fashion Trends For Grooms


Looking Good: 2020 Fashion Trends For Grooms

Stephen Geoffrey, Slate Blue Aspen Tuxedo: Rich, gorgeous color keeps this fitted tux classy and eye-catching! Stylish 100% wool offers comfort and dependability. The satin-edged notched lapels offer a dynamic twist to ensure you look your best. For the complete look, pair alongside the matching flat front, slim fit pants and fullback vest to create your custom 3-piece style.

Delivering a simple, stress-free wedding shopping experience is equally vital for the Groom and Groomsmen. New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte has a dedicated department for designer rental tuxedos and custom-made suits. Try on all of your favorite wedding suit and tuxedo styles with our Consultants, who can help you create your head-to-toe look for your big day. We take $40 off the suggested retail on all of our tuxedos, have special Ring Bearer savings, and even offer a free tux rental for the groom with five groomsmen rentals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the 2020 fashion trends for grooms:

A Colorful Look

Many grooms (and men in general, for that matter) stick to the basic suit color palette for special occasions: black, grey, navy, and maybe khaki in the summer. But in the past few years, menswear has seen a dramatic shift toward the colorful and creative. Movie stars are wearing floral print suits on the red carpet, and bright colors are seen almost as often as basic black.

All these color options mean that 2020 grooms have a lot more freedom when it comes to their wedding attire. Does your man want to stand out from the rest of his groomsmen? Give him a suit in a bold, brilliant color and he’ll certainly be the star of the show! Learn more at WeddingBee


Michael Kors, Navy Sterling Wedding Suit style 372: This lightweight, ultra-flattering contemporary wedding suit is tailored to fit every body shape. Comfortable Super 130’s wool delivers the breathability and flexibility you crave. Enjoy elegant details including the purple satin lining self-framed notch lapel and matching slim fit pants to create your ultimate wedding look.

Tuxedo or Wedding Suit?

Discovering different options is part and parcel of preparing for any wedding. Helping you feel comfortable, secure and gorgeous is where we come in! Our team has the latest styles in stock so that you can avoid guessing and really feel the fabrics and the variety of style options. Wedding suits are excellent for more causal affairs and relaxed receptions; however, if you are seeking the ultimate Tuxedo, we have you covered too! Learn more about popular colors for 2020 Grooms below:

Dressed To Impress 

Black is taking a backseat to blue. Navy, teal and cobalt hued jackets are trending when it comes to tuxedos and suits, while accessories of all kinds continue to be the favored way to really personalize a look. Unique wedding dress codes (think: white party!) are also on the rise. Check out more of the top trends, compliments of The Knot


Tony Bowls, Manhattan Tuxedo: Classic black is always a winner with this trendy updated tuxedo. Double besom pockets are lined with satin to match the narrow satin notch lapel and buttons. These simple details create a luxurious result. Pair with modern matching slim fit pants with a beaded stripe to create this snazzy ensemble.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Try New Fashion Ideas

While it can be tempting to model your Groom-style off of the latest Pinterest board style-scape, this is not ideal for everyone. Staying true to your personality is essential for looking and feeling your best. However, it is important to try a variety of different looks to find what suits you best. Certain fabrics and colors will feel more natural than others. If flashy shoes or socks are part of your plan, feel free to bring your accessories with you to our bridal salon to get a better idea of what matches your vision. Discover more exciting Groom options below:

Hello, Velvet

For men tying the knot between October and March, velvet is an increasingly popular option, according to Stephanie Aynilian of Biltmore Tuxedos in Ridgewood, New Jersey. “There are many different colors of velvet jackets that pair perfectly with black pants for a chic yet classic look. Plus, if a groom doesn’t want to go all velvet, there’s always a velvet bow tie to add a little bit of fall or winter flair to his look,” she said.

New Groomsmaid Options

“In years past ‘groomsmaids’ haven’t had much, if any, suiting options to show that they are on “his” side when the big day arrives, said Jeanne Foley of The Groomsman Suit in Chicago, Illinois. “Now, with the launch of our matching women’s suiting line, we are seeing just how many women are ready to show their support for their best friend, brother, or close family member by wearing what the groom chooses for his crew.” Discover more, compliments of Wedding Wire

Successful Grooms Start & Finish At NYB&G Charlotte

At New York Bride & Groom, we take pride in offering you all the latest tux and suit styles at competitive prices. We invite you and your crew to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. Your out-of-town groomsmen are well taken care of too. We offer a simple and reliable online ordering system to ensure that everyone is ready for the wedding with no hassles. Stop by to browse at your convenience and let us help you get your wedding attire sorted.