When you find a designer wedding dress online that’s priced too good to be true…IT IS! Con artists are making a mint scamming brides-to-be with cheap knock-offs of top-quality wedding dresses. The pictures of the dresses you see on the various sites look great because they’re the designers’ real photos. What you actually get for your money from these crooks is crap. The garments they sell are poorly made in China using cheap materials with design details don’t begin to compare. Since the companies are all based overseas, forget trying to get your money back for the disaster dress they’ve sent you. It ain’t happening. What’s more, in some cases nothing even comes — and again, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Take a look at the videos below from “Inside Edition” and “Good Morning America” that target the knock-off wedding dress scam. (You’ll have to sit through a short commercial before each.) Don’t be a victim of internet piracy. Buy your wedding dress in person from a reputable, authorized dealer like New York Bride & Groom. Bear in mind that our prices are the lowest that the manufacturers will allow. You won’t find a legitimate version of any dress in our shop selling for less than our asking price. Stop by today to browse our incredible selection of designer wedding dresses. You never need an appointment. Our staff of knowledgeable bridal consultants are ready to serve you at your convenience. We are also Charlotte’s destination spot for fashion-forward bridesmaid dresses.

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