Custom Suits Are An Ideal Option For Modern Grooms

Custom Suits Are An Ideal Option For Modern Grooms

Your wedding is coming up and you’ve been wondering how you can rock an amazing new look. Whether you are a fashion-forward guy or are more traditional, a custom suit will be perfect for you. Let’s take a closer look at the ways you’ll benefit by choosing a made-to-measure custom suit for your wedding day attire.

Understanding Custom Suits

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Before we dive into the details, it’s necessary to be clear about custom suits. What exactly are we referring to here? Is a custom suit something that’s beyond your reach? Spoiler: You’ll be happy to know that it’s not. The article below provides more details on bespoke suits:

Custom suits are made to order. They are crafted to fit one person: you.

There are two types of custom suits: Made to measure, and bespoke.

Made to measure suits are usually cut from existing patterns using machines. The tailor then adjusts it as needed.

Bespoke suits are the highest order – make no mistake, these are works of art.

These suits are built from scratch to your measurements. The process may require multiple fittings in order to get it just right.

Do not confuse these with tailored suits. A tailored suit is ANY such garment that a tailor adjusted for you. They can be off-the-rack or custom. Read more at Real Men Real Style…

Many times, custom suits are dismissed as being too expensive. However, when you compare the benefits to your investment,  it’s easily worth it. Moreover, there is simply no way to compare an off-the-rack suit to a custom suit in terms of fit and appearance.

Benefits of Custom Suits

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As you’ve seen, the case for choosing a custom wedding suit is strong. But, if you still aren’t convinced, the piece below might make up your mind:

1. The Perfect Fit
As was mentioned earlier, no two people are built the same, which means there’s no way an item of clothing purchased off the rack will fit any person perfectly. When you get your clothes custom made, your exact measurements are taken so that your outfit will fit you like a glove.

Not only will your custom made clothing be the perfect fit, but you also get to hand pick the fabric, materials, and any other accessories you want to add on. What more could you ask for?

2. The Best of the Best Materials
Speaking of materials, the fabrics that are used to create custom made clothing are some of the best out there. This is because they aren’t mass-produced like the clothing that is sold at most retail stores… Read more at Love Your Tailor…

For a special occasion like your wedding, go all out and look your best while incorporating your personal style into your one-of-a-kind suit.

Creation of Custom Suits

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Have you ever thought about what goes into the process of making a custom suit? The linked post below (from a professional tailor) is pretty representative of the stages one goes through.

Step One: Selection of Fabric
The first thing our tailors do is to show the fabric for your suit. You can select the fabric as per your requirement and the money you want to spend.

Step Two: Taking precise Measurement
After the selection of fabric. Our Tailor will take precise measurements of your body in which 15-20 different measurements will be jotted down.

Step Three: Structuring & Cutting of Fabric by designer
We cut the correct amount of fabric from the roll to ensure that all your garments are cut from the same cloth. The suit is then “bespoken for”, as the saying goes…Read more at Msnellbespoke…

At New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte, you can get a wedding custom suit that is top quality and perfectly fitted. You will be totally blown away by the results. We are the ultimate shopping destination for brides and grooms in search of the perfect wedding day apparel.