Discount, clearance wedding dress samples

Discount, clearance wedding dress samples

Planning a wedding is expensive. Paying for the venue, the catering, the flowers and everything else can really add up. It can make wedding planning stressful if you’re on a tight budget — and lead you to look for low-cost alternatives where you can. You might already be worried about the price of wedding dresses and searching for a budget-conscious option. Before you resort to buying a cheap (read: cheaply made) dress at a chain store, you should know that New York Bride & Groom has a Discount Wedding Dress Department that’s filled with gorgeous, top-quality designer gowns.

Twice each year, our designers sell us sample dresses from their new lines so we can carry them in our store. These are the gowns our brides try on when they’re searching for that dream dress. Obviously, the samples we display have to reflect what the designer is offering at any given time. This means that we regularly find ourselves with discontinued samples that have to be pulled from the showroom.

Our new discount dress department is where these gorgeous designer gowns go. Shopping the clearance samples is an ideal way to score an amazing dress for a bargain price. Many of our sample gowns come in the more average sizes, but larger dresses can also be found. Plus, our expert alterations department here at New York Bride & Groom can often create a perfect fit whether a dress is too loose or a bit too snug.

Bottom line: If wedding dress prices are a concern, you really have to come in and browse our beautiful samples. Nowhere else in the Charlotte metro region will you find such a stunning collection of dresses available at these bargain prices.

Don’t forget that our discount wedding dress department is just one of the specialty areas in our 15,000 square feet modern luxury salon. We also offer a plus-size wedding dress boutique and departments for bridesmaid dresses, tuxedo rentals and wedding accessories. Come to New York Bride & Groom at your convenience, no appointment needed, and see all that we have to offer.

Beware of buying a discounted wedding dress online

If you are searching for a dream wedding dress at a cut-rate price, you may be tempted to buy a discounted gown from among the endless choices online. This is a poor idea that often becomes an epic calamity for the bride-to-be.

For starters, you cannot inspect or try on an online dress. While there are lots of web-based stores selling beautiful, authentic label clothing, the wedding dress industry has been particularly hard hit by counterfeiters. The fact is, the designer dress you love so much that’s being sold for a steep discount online is very likely just a cheap knock-off of the real dress you tried on at the bridal shop. It looks the same because the counterfeiters steal the real images from the designers’ websites to market their cheap facsimiles.

The State Division of Consumer Affairs warns that last year in the U.S. alone over 700,000 counterfeit wedding dresses and prom dresses were sold online to unsuspecting buyers. The majority of these garments are shipped from China and, according to the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association, cost the industry over $300 million a year in lost revenue.

If you fall victim to this scam, the dress you receive — if you get anything for your money, many women don’t — will be poorly crafted with cheap fabrics and embellishments. Oftentimes, these counterfeit dresses are so noticeably bad that a woman would look ridiculous in one of them. The last thing you want on your big day is to feel like you’re wearing a cheap Halloween costume.

To remedy this mess, you will be forced to purchase a second dress from a bridal shop in a very short space of time. This means you will have paid twice for a wedding gown, destroying any initial savings. Due to the time constraints, you might end up settling for a replacement dress you don’t really love. And on top of that, there may not be enough time for alterations so your new dress doesn’t even fit as well as it should. For years to come you may feel haunted by the way you look in your wedding photography and videography.

Thankfully, there is a very simple solution to this nightmarish problem: Don’t buy a low-cost wedding dress online. New York Bride & Groom has a discount wedding dress department where you can see and try on our authentic designer gowns and purchase the one you love for a great price and with full confidence. Visit us soon to find the dress of your dreams.