The Beauchamp Wedding

The Beauchamp Wedding

Couple: Alec and Drake Beauchamp

Wedding Date: April 30, 2016

Location: Old Town Country Club, Winston-Salem, NC

The Wedding Dress: WToo

Photography: Amber Michelle Photography

More Details: Our wedding was such a dream. We couldn’t be more blessed or grateful to have shared it with all of our family and friends. Our wedding was black-tie optional because our colors were Blush and Gold…and don’t forget the sparkles, of course. We just wanted to keep it classy and elegant, but everyone to have fun.

The funniest moment was probably during the Father/Daughter dance. We had a fun, upbeat dance. We shagged to two special beach songs. I decided to keep my veil on and it ended up falling out somehow. My dad picked it up and started swinging it around while we danced. Then he threw it to the big group of bridesmaids. It was so hilarious! All day my dad heard us talking about pinning up my bustle after the ceremony, so being a dad who knows nothing about wedding dresses, he says, “I didn’t know what fell out, I thought it was your bustle.” He’s too cute!

I couldn’t have been more impressed and in love with our photographer, Amber. She truly blew us away with her creativity, beautiful photos, and just her gracefulness throughout our whole engagement and wedding. We truly love her and consider her a friend. I cannot recommend her enough. Out of all the wonderful things on our wedding day, I would just say being able to celebrate our love with family was the most special. Marrying the man of my dreams was a true blessing, but also sharing it with close family. It was truly the happiest day of my life. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary, and since I chose a beautiful two-piece wedding dress, I was able to wear the top portion in NYC on our anniversary trip along with my wedding shoes. Now that was special!

New York Bride & Groom could not have been any more gracious and amazing to me as I was choosing my dress. You guys made my experience a dream and I love thinking back to that time. You are so special and I love all of you! I recommend NYB&G to everyone! Thank you for everything!

My dress designer was WTOO. I loved everything about the dress. Everyone did. I truly felt like a princess and the most gorgeous bride in the world. This dress was so me and from the moment I put it on I immediately knew it was “The One.” Everything about it had Drake written all over it. It’s different, not all white, flowy, gorgeous and sparkly — just stunning!