The Little Wedding

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The Little Wedding

Couple: Derek and Sandretta Little

Wedding Date: September 19, 2015

Location: Champagne Manor, Monroe, NC

The Wedding Dress: Mori Lee, style 5108

Photography: Devon Gurley

More Details: Our wedding was inspired by all things elegant, simple, chic and romantic. My venue was an amazing manor overlooking a beautiful lake. I wanted my decorations to be minimal since the venue itself was breathtaking. My colors were blush and white, with the ushers in gray. What made this wedding really special was the fact that my sister/Maid of Honor, who’s an event planner, planned my entire wedding for me. She gave us everything we asked for and more. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Before I started shopping for wedding dresses, I had two saved that I wanted — or so I thought. I went in, tried on my first choice and quickly decided that it was too much dress for an outdoor wedding. I then tried on the second one, which was the Mori Lee 5108. It was perfect for the weather, the venue and for me. I dressed up a little by adding a nice brooch but it would have been beautiful either way.