Tips For Being a Fashionable Groom or Groomsman

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Tips For Being a Fashionable Groom or Groomsman

As a groom, if you are excited about wowing your guests in an amazing outfit for your wedding, this blog post is for you. Moreover, if your groomsmen are also excited about getting the ultimate wedding attire, share this post with them, too. Keep reading to learn more about dressing for your big day.

The Basic Questions

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

You may be wondering where to begin in your search for the ideal wedding look. Perhaps you could begin by finding out what works best for a wedding.

Which Suit is Best For a Wedding?

If you have decided to pass on the tuxedo option and you’re looking for a suit, there are limitless options for you. Colors, styles, cuts and so on. It will all depend on what YOU want, and what your bride says you want (Kidding!) Listen to her, but when it comes down to it, you have to wear it and you have to be comfortable in it…

What Color Should Be Used For the Vest or Tie?

If you’re considering deviating from the standard black and off-white, it’s very important to get the bride’s input. If your fiancée doesn’t go with you to pick out your attire, be sure to ask her the following questions:

  • What color is your wedding dress? If it’s white, make sure you know if it’s white or off-white. This information is imperative if you want your vest and/or tie to match the bride’s wedding dress.
  • What are our wedding colors?
  • Could you show me a picture or give me a sample of our wedding colors, so I can take them into the store?

Clearly, the ideal situation is where there is harmony in the way the entire bridal team look. So, that’s why it pays to find out what the ladies will be wearing.

Types of Suits


Even if suits have been the menswear go-to from time immemorial, you can make yours stand out. So, here are some amazing ideas you may want to consider:

Classic duo-tone

We love this twist on a classic tuxedo! Instead of a solid color, opt for a two-tone tuxedo that boasts an accent color on the lapels. What a handsome way to elevate a classic fashion statement! For an extra modern look, opt for two similar shades such as midnight blue and black…

Brocade Suit jackets

Brocade is a type of fabric weave that creates a raised pattern or embellishment often using a metallic thread. Brocade suits are the latest trend for groomsmen attire, with dapper grooms adding patterns like paisley as a unique accent. For the groom who likes to stand out, brocade is a distinctive way to add some pop to your wedding…

Colored suits & tuxedos

A pop of color isn’t reserved just for bridesmaids! From deep jewel tones to pastel hues, grooms and groomsmen are increasingly opting for colored suit options. Burgundy and emerald suits are a growing trend among groomsmen, as are pink and navy. For grooms opting for a colorful suit, try adding in a hue that is complementary to your wedding color (ex. emerald + gold or navy + yellow) or a tint variation of the primary wedding color (pastel sage + deep sage). Read more at Wedgewood Weddings

Fabulous is how you and your guys will look!

Away From Formality

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You really don’t have to do a black-tie wedding if that’s not your taste. Better still, you have the liberty to mix things up and have an interesting twist on the color code.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, casual groomsmen attire may be the way to go (especially if you’ll be in a hot climate). Skip the suit jacket and have your crew wear crisp dress shirts with leather suspenders. Pin boutonnieres on their shoulder straps to formalize their outfits…

Nautical groomsmen outfits are a must if you’re planning a beach wedding. Bring your preppy mood board to life with navy suit jackets, crisp white shirts and khaki pants. (Don’t forget a pair of Wayfarers for each groomsman.)

Let your groomsmen show off their personal style by allowing them to pick their own dress shirt. Pops of various colors and patterns will look super modern when they’re standing together at the altar. Read more at The Knot

Remember, one major consideration to keep in mind as you search for your ideal wedding outfit is the venue for your ceremony. Location is a key factor in determining what’s appropriate and what will look best. You will also want to be mindful of the reception theme.

Our expert menswear consultants are waiting for you in our dedicated grooms’ department at New York Bride and Groom of Charlotte. They will ensure that you look your very best in one of our designer wedding tuxedo rentals or a custom-made suit. Come browse our selection today, no appointment required.