At New York Bride & Groom, we believe in the concept of the corporate citizen. We acknowledge and cheerfully act on the knowledge that we are a part of the community and therefore share in the responsibility of making our city better. Recently, we had the chance to contribute in a very special way to a charity that is near and dear to our heart, Brides Against Breast Cancer.

BABC raises funds for programs serving cancer patients and their families by reselling donated wedding dresses from brides, as well as offering a selection of new garments provided by designers, manufacturers and bridal shops. If there is a more powerful or poetic way to help someone through their darkest days than by using the symbol of what many consider one of their happiest days, we can’t think of it.

To support the wonderful work BABC does for women and men fighting breast cancer, New York Bride & Groom has recently donated $10,000 worth of wedding dresses. If you or someone you know has a wedding dress suitable for giving to this wonderful, life-saving organization, click HERE for additional details.