Which Earrings Are Perfect For Your Wedding Day Look?

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Which Earrings Are Perfect For Your Wedding Day Look?

A wedding day is definitely one of those days you want a statement look. Earrings help to put together your appearance. These pieces of jewelry have been in existence for thousands of years. They have also been worn for various reasons including social status, religious purposes, specific statement events, and simply accessorizing a look. For your wedding, you would want to pay attention to the earrings you choose. What bride wouldn’t want to look all put together, fancy and elegant at the same time?

Earrings come in different types and styles. You’ll be spoilt for choice once you start considering which one would go well with your wedding gown. Let us consider some of the options available for you.

Hoop earrings

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They were traditionally circular or semi-circular in shape going through the ear and reconnecting on the other side. Nowadays, they vary in shapes from triangles to squares. The hoops come in different sizes as well and may vary in design.

Hoop earrings have a circular or semi-circular design that makes them look like rings. As the name suggests, they are simple hoops that can be opened to go through your ear, reconnecting from the other side of your piercing.

There are several types of hoop earrings. They can either have conventional smooth designs or have patterned designs. They can also vary in size, from tiny ones to ones big enough to touch the top of your shoulders. Read more from JewelryTalk

They are for the bold type of bride and they have a flavor of sophistication. You can be sure they will make a statement for you.


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They are the most basic type of earrings available. They look as though they are floating on the earlobe. This is because the point at which they connect to the back of the earlobe may not be visible but there is a pin connecting it. Studs vary in shapes, styles and designs.

Prong Stud Earring – Basket Stud & Martini Stud – Prong settings are typically what you think of when you think of a stud earring. They are usually 4 prongs (basket) or 3 prongs (martini), and while they can hold any shape, Round is the most common. They are preferred for the minimal amount of metal that is used, which really allows the center diamonds to shine!

Halo Stud Earring – A halo style features a center stone, with diamonds all around it. The nice thing about this style is that you can choose smaller center diamonds and still get the look of a larger one when they are set in a halo. The stud earring itself costs more than the prong or bezel stud, but you can save more with the smaller center stones!

Bezel Stud Earring – A bezel stud has a single stone set with a rim of metal surrounding it – this creates more of a modern look, and is a very secure and protective style of setting. The only drawback to the bezel is that it allows the least amount of light to get to the diamond, so it is not as suitable for small diamond sizes. Read more at Miadonna

They are classy and stylish and can be formal or casual depending on the design and how you pull the look.

Ear climbers

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Just like the name suggests, these earrings start at the base of the ear lobe climbing up towards the helix of the ears. They are also known as crawler or cuff earrings. You can easily wear these earrings with just one piercing as the other parts just wrap around the outer cartilage of the ear. Moreover, they are available in different designs, from flower trails to curving rare stones to golden or silver constellations.

Here we have other new designs that people are beginning to enjoy. This one climbs on the edge of your earlobe. Remember, it will only climb to the helix of your ears. It’s hard for some people to comprehend how the pieces stay on your ear like they are climbing. You don’t need many piercings for the same; just a single one is enough.

You will secure it using the sturdy wire into the piercing. The crawlers and climbers are chic and innovative. Read more from Smartmom Jewelry

They are a new and trendy style of earrings. Ear climbers are also fancy and can make your ears pop thus a bold look if that is what you are going for.

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