You’ve got the perfect guy, the perfect location and the perfect dress. What’s left to make your wedding day perfectly sublime? The perfect accessories, of course. At New York Bride & Groom we have a fantastic selection of veils, jewelry, belts, headpieces and more to put the finishing touches on your wedding day look. Having a wide variety of gorgeous accessories available in the salon allows you to assemble your  bridal ensemble from head to toe. While it can be tempting to shop online for items, it’s best to try your accessories on with your wedding gown to ensure a harmonious look.

With our convenient no-appointment policy, popular pricing and knowledgable staff, choosing your perfect wedding accessories at New York Bride & Groom couldn’t be any easier.

We offer an elegant selection of Wedding Accessories

Bel Aire Bridal

As one of the leading manufacturers of bridal headpieces and veils in America, Bel Aire has built its reputation on fashion and quality. When you choose a Bel Aire design, you simply can’t go wrong.


Sophisticated headpieces are the specialty of this top designer. The goal here is for every bride to showcase her personality through these polished, timeless pieces.


Accessories are the finishing touch to create a perfect wedding look. The array of beautiful veils, headpieces, belts and jewelry available from Marionat are guaranteed to add polish and style.