There’s Much To Appreciate About Winter Weddings

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There’s Much To Appreciate About Winter Weddings

Who said that all happy and memorable days must be sunny and warm? We all know that some of the best celebrations of the year are held in winter. Adding your wedding to the list of unforgettable events of the season makes it a can’t-miss affair. All you need to do to ensure that your wedding doesn’t become a cold spell is plan strategically. This post will help you navigate the process and have a marvelous day.

Winter Weddings are Economical

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

One of the best things about winter weddings is lowered costs. Fewer couples hold their events in the winter months compared to other seasons. This is good news if you want to throw a stunning wedding and reception without breaking the bank. Here’s more on this topic:

Though October and September are the two most popular months to marry, budget-conscious couples may want to consider getting married in winter. December, January and February are the least popular wedding months, but the experts at WeddingWire note that getting married during the slow season has its benefits. Vendors, including wedding planners and venues, may offer their services and facilities at discounted prices in winter to account for the slow season. And guests might be thankful to have a fun event to look forward to during a time of year when social schedules tend to be less busy. Read more at Escalon Times…

You can also capture some spectacular outdoor wedding photos in winter weather. (Imagine your wedding party photos in fresh snowfall — swoon!) Coordinating your bridal gown with season-appropriate accessories — hats, gloves, jackets, capes and wraps — can produce a show-stopping look that turns every head in the wedding hall.

Winter Weddings are Unique and Cool

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Many bride’s are frosty to the very idea of a winter wedding. Among your friends, you may be the only one who has ever seriously considered it. This just shows how unique and cool you are. It also confirms that you’re the perfect personality type for a winter wedding.

Okay, let’s take a moment and jump back into the advantages of winter weddings:

Smash And Co. wedding calligrapher, Ashley Meyers Combs’s favorite advantage is simply that it’s something different. “From color palette to flowers and d├ęcor, there are elements of the season to inspire your theme that will stand out in a sea of peonies.” If your style is romantic, she recommends trying shades of winter white and lots of greenery, and if you’re going for a rustic-cozy vibe (think “Aspen Cabin”), use lots of wood and deep hues…

Some people seriously don’t deal well in the heat. It makes them irritated, cranky, and not to mention, a sweaty mess. Wedding planner Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events, points out that when it comes to weather, you can always add layers to combat the cold, but in the hotter months, well, you can’t exactly take off your clothes. “If you’re stressed about being hot and sweaty for your wedding photos, then a winter wedding is perfect for you.” Read more at Brides…

When you think about it, luxurious tuxedos, suits and gowns are perfect winter wear in their own right. All you need to do is find the ideal wedding versions at New York Bride & Groom, the best wedding salon in Charlotte.

Winter Weddings are Creative

Whenever something out of the ordinary happens in life, people tend to remember it more vividly than run-of-the-mill experiences. The same is true for weddings. Here are some creative ideas that will create life-long memories of your wedding:

White Floral Arch
Your flowers don’t have to be red to celebrate the season. A white floral arch will make your guests feel like they’re walking in a winter wonderland indoors.

Snowy First Look
Share your first look outside in the snow for a dreamy picture that’ll get all the likes on Instagram.

Barn Venue
A barn venue’s rustic feel will complement the winter weather beautifully. Plus, minimal decorations (like long garlands of greenery) will transform the space into a cozy cold weather hideaway. Read more at The Knot…

At this point, it should be clear as the wintry night sky that you can have an amazing wedding in the coldest season. Start your planning with a trip to NYB&G, the bridal salon with the widest selection of designer wedding gowns at the best possible prices. Our bridal consultants will help you find the dress of your dreams in the expansive racks of our regular and plus-size wedding gowns. For the guys, our dedicated men’s department sells beautiful custom suits at unbelievable prices and rents designer tuxedos, too. Come to New York Bride & Groom for Charlotte’s best wedding dress shopping experience.