A Custom Suit Is Ideal For The Fashionable Groom

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A Custom Suit Is Ideal For The Fashionable Groom

A sharp-looking groom in a custom suit is the ideal compliment to an elegantly dressed bride. To wedding guests, this is one of the key indicators of outstanding wedding planning because not everyone has great fashion sense. Even among most couples, one of the partners is more fashion-conscious than the other — and, of course, it’s often the bride. If that’s you, you can help your man look amazing by advocating for a custom suit. After all, if you both look your best the wedding pictures will be stunning. Let’s take a closer look at custom suits for men.

What To Avoid

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Discussions of “Wedding trends” are everywhere, you quickly realize, when you’re planning for your own ceremony. The temptation to get a trendy style of gown is difficult to resist. And, really, it’s no big deal if you go for it. You will look totally “of the moment” for your wedding and then you’ll pack the dress away. No muss, no fuss. However, unlike a wedding gown, the groom’s suit can — and ideally should — be used again and again as standard formal wear. So, you should think carefully before going for what’s trending.

Ideally, you will want suits that are timeless and a good investment. This is due to the fact that custom suits cost more and are meant to be a versatile piece of clothing that lasts for many years.

When you choose a suit based on current trends, you will limit the length of time that you can use it. If the trend fades, you will have a custom suit you cannot use. It is recommended that you choose classic designs and colors that will still be stylish in years to come. Read more at Jacket For Men…

What To Go For

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Ok, we’ve decided that wearing a custom suit for the wedding is special. And, we’ve been warned against going for anything that’s too trendy. Now, it’s time to look into some of the style principles that determine what makes a great custom suit:

The jacket and pants must be the same fabric.
It seems obvious, however, you would be surprised how many men ignore this rule. The reason why they are called suits is because the coat, the vest, and the pants must be exactly the same fabric, it is not enough to look for the colors to combine.

An exception to this rule is the sport and blazer bags, which can be used in a different color than the pants provided that both colors combine well. But in formal dress the rule of the same fabric in pants and jacket cannot be ignored.

Take care that the length is correct.
The length of your suit affects the perception of your height and complexion. Therefore, if you do not want to see yourself wider and shorter than you really are, if you want to hide those extra kilos and those centimeters less, then taking care of the length of your suit is vital. Read more at Styles Men…

Having a suit custom made ensures that it will fit you perfectly. When so many grooms end up either looking slouchy or like a boy in his dad’s clothes, this is reason enough to opt in.

Don’t Miss This…

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Getting a custom suit means you are at liberty to choose every aspect of the suit as you prefer it. Just as body shape is essential when choosing a bride’s wedding gown, it is also critical for the groom’s suit. One of the most basic — and unsung — style features that sets a great suit apart is the type of shoulder style. Let’s review some variations:

Minimally Padded Shoulders
Perhaps the most common shoulder type when it comes to purchasing custom suit jackets, minimally padded shoulders give a little bit of extra heft to a suit while providing a decent amount of structure. This style is typical for the average business suit and if you were to buy off the rack, finding this style wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Though this style pretty much flatters every guy out there, it’s ideal for men with smaller shoulders or a square body type since it can make the silhouette seem a little fuller and longer. In general, because of the versatility, this is the best style for men that aren’t quite sure what they want in custom suit jackets. Read more at Sal Lauretta…

Do you think it’s too much to ask that there could actually be a wedding salon that offers an amazing selection of designer wedding gowns as well as custom-made suits? Believe it or not: We’ve got you! New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte can provide your man with a bespoke suit that’s beautiful and more affordable than you ever imagined. The flexibility that comes with our no-appointment policy sets us apart from other shops. Whenever it’s convenient, you can stop by to browse our stunning wedding dresses while your fiance visits our men’s department for a custom-made suit fitting. Our seasoned staff will make sure that you both end up with the perfect looks for your special day.