Focus On Your Vows For a Memorable Wedding Ceremony

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Focus On Your Vows For a Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are a blur of activities. If you are (or soon will be) planning yours, you will definitely want to prepare a checklist for handling every detail. You will help yourself immensely by starting your preparations early, which will allow you to give every element the attention it deserves. One moment that will surely warrant your focus is the exchange of vows, the centerpiece of the entire wedding ceremony.

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

If you are a sentimental person, the exchange of vows may matter to you more than anything else that will happen on your wedding day. Even if you’re not, you should recognize the power of this tradition. Here’s why vows should matter to any couple:

At the center of any marriage ceremony are the wedding vows. They are the words spoken by the couple to each other which express both an intent and a promise. They express how the couple intend to relate to each other, how they intend to navigate the path of life together, and what meaning they intend to give to their marriage.

They are a promise to work hard at living out this intent, no matter how challenging that may be, because of their love and commitment to each other.

Because the vows shape the foundation of the marriage, I believe that they should be carefully chosen so that they most accurately express what the couple desires to create in their relationship. Read more at Canberra Intimate Weddings…

Many couples don’t give attention to their vows until just before the big day because they plan to recite traditional vows. If this is also your choice, what can you do to make the moment extra special? Continue reading for some advice:

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One thing you can do is memorize your pre-chosen vows so you can speak them from the heart when the time comes. Here’s more helpful info:

Traditional Wedding Vows

Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean “boring.” When vows are true, there’s nothing boring about them. Plus, if you use these classic vows, there are many other ways in which you can personalize your ceremony. Consider these traditional wedding vows a jumping-off point. For classic couples, these vows are certainly beautiful enough to stand on their own, but if you’re a creative couple who wants to write your own vows, these will serve as fantastic inspiration… Read more at The Spruce…

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Now, what if you would like to write your own vows but feel intimidated, or you can’t figure out where to begin? This article will guide you:

1. Make sure to say “I love you.” This seems like a no-brainer, but Monique Honaman says she is often shocked at how many couples leave those three little words out of their vows.

2. Tell your partner you’ll be there through thick and thin. Most wedding vows—whether traditional or personal—touch on sticking around through sickness and health, through good times and bad times, and for richer or for poorer. “The reality is that all marriages have their cycles of peaks and valleys,” Honaman says. “It’s nice to communicate your intent to get through those valleys together.”

3. Share personal stories. It’s so much more interesting for your friends or family to hear about your odd quirks and personal moments—and don’t be afraid to talk about the highs and the lows. “Many people make the mistake of thinking that vows are only about the highs in your relationship,” says Alexis Dent, founder of vow- and toast-writing company XO Juliet. “But guests (and your S.O.) want to hear vows that are real. If you’ve been through bumpy spots…you should express that.” Read more at Brides…

Putting the appropriate time and energy into planning the exchange of vows will make your wedding even more profound and become a memory you will cherish forever.

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