Tips For The Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire

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Tips For The Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire

A big part of the success of your wedding is having both the bride’s and groom’s parties looking amazing. In most cases, the bride and her ladies pay more attention to their looks. The guys tend to take it easy and can miss out on their best looks. However, you can ensure that this doesn’t happen at your wedding. What he needs to do is discussed in this post.

Know Your Options

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

The best way to make a good choice is to know your options. A limited selection will limit your choices, and increase your chances of settling for less than the best.

6-9 months before: Consider Your Options
First, use the formality of your wedding to decide whether suits or tuxedos make sense for your groom and groomsmen attire. A tuxedo (distinguished by its satin lapel) is a sophisticated choice, especially for formal affairs, while a suit works well for a more casual wedding…

Next, choose the neckwear depending on your wedding style. A necktie is typically paired with a suit for a subtle look, while a bowtie is traditionally worn with a tuxedo, giving off a classic or vintage feel. Neckwear rules aren’t set in stone, however, so consider the entire vibe of the day when deciding on necktie vs bowtie…

Finally, decide on color. Gone are the days where the groom and groomsmen only don black, navy, or gray. While neutrals are always a foolproof option, consider unexpected colors, patterns, or fabrics for a modern wedding party. Read more at David’s Bridal…

The Venue

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

There are factors you need to pay attention to right from the start. These will help you get attire that is comfortable for the groom and his guys. Top on the list is the season. Winter attire is not appropriate for summer. On the other hand, the selection can be dictated by the venue:

The time and place of the wedding are very important when going on a hunt for the perfect groom attire. If the answer is somewhere exotic, the joyous occasion demands lightweight, breathable fabrics, so remember to give your dark wool suits or tuxedos a miss!…

If you’re in the city and will likely be off somewhere in a church and a formal ceremony, so keep things smart and traditional in a dress suit with classic colours for the wedding at any time of the day…

The country-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular. While a typical navy or midnight blue suit would work just as well, the marginally more casual settings allow for a little more flexibility of colours. Read more at Lanieri…

The Groomsmen

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Will there be a team of groomsmen? Then, you need to decide if they will all wear the same outfit or have variations. Here are some expert tips on this concern:

Do the groomsmen have to match?
“At the very least, groomsmen should all be dressed in a similar color palette,” advises Dudley. “If you leave the dudes to their own devices, you [could] end up with two guys in navy suits, one in a tux, and the other wearing pinstripes.”

One popular choice is to have the groom’s look vary slightly from his attendants. “If the groom and groomsmen are all wearing navy suits, maybe the groomsmen wear one specific tie and the groom wears a unique one or if the groomsmen are in black tuxedos, put the groom in midnight blue,” suggests Dudley. Read more at Brides…

Other considerations to make are the accessories the groom and his guys will use. It’s always better to make such purchases as early as possible to avoid last-minute emergencies.

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