The Groom’s Wedding Day Shoes – Because They Matter Too

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The Groom’s Wedding Day Shoes – Because They Matter Too

In most cases, people unconsciously (and mistakenly) associate the wedding day with the bride alone. However, it is an equally important day for the groom. If he’s not present, the wedding will not take place. Plus, it could really mess things if the groom is not looking his best from head to toe. Moreover, the couple needs to be as comfortable as possible for the day to be what they want it to be. That’s why the groom’s shoes should be as comfortable as possible while allowing him to look great. This post will look into his options.

His Style is Critical

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Just like a bride is meant to choose a dress that she loves, the groom should also pick a pair of shoes that he likes.

Whether you love a sophisticated pair of velvet loafers or you’re more of a classic leather oxfords type of guy, choose groom shoes that complement your personal taste. It’s super important for you to feel confident on your big day, so opt for the wedding shoes that you think are stylish. Plus, if you’re playing the shoe game at your reception, they’re going to be the center of attention for a while—all the more reason to make sure you love them!

That being said, the dress code should also inspire your choice of groom footwear. If you’re planning on wearing a tuxedo, patent dress shoes are a classic choice. But you might want something more casual for a rustic outdoor wedding or a sandy beach celebration. Read more at The Knot…

His taste and comfort should be at the top of his considerations; no groom should compromise on either of these.

His Options

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Regardless of his style, there are many options from which he can choose. Wedding shoes come in different styles.

Cap Toe Lace-Up Shoes
The cap toe lace-up style can visibly be differentiated from other lace-up shoes through the horizontal stitching across the toe box that extends to the welt of both sides like some sort of heel cap. While this kind of detailing can be seen in other styles like boots, loafers, and the like, the simplicity of this lace-up makes it a great match for your suit or barong on your wedding day.

Sporting a pair of loafers on your wedding day is a fuss-free option that’ll keep you looking stylish and sophisticated. Besides the fact that it has no shoelaces (less thing to worry about!), it’s also very comfortable because a loafer usually has low heels. And with the right details (say, the type of leather), it can be a timeless pair for a day to remember. Read more at Preview…

Choosing a pair that will still be useful after the wedding day is a double bonus, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Latest Trends

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

There are ways to make the wedding more spectacular. The groom and his men could try something unique, as the following post describes:

One fast and easy way to make your men stand out is to pair their semi-casual suits, blazer and slacks, or vest combos with brown shoes. You can let them bring their own brown shoes, or you can all get matching ones, but the finished look will be both casual and stylish.

Oxford dress shoes, ankle dress boots, leather dress shoes, chukkas or even wingtip boots all look great and can be mixed-and-matched. Just find out in advance if any will be rubber sneaker soles since that is quite different from wingtips. Read more at Jordan Jack…

The wedding day isn’t just for the ladies. It’s time we let the groom and his guys shine too! At New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte, couples planning for their weddings can be sure to get the attire and accessories that’ll have them looking their very best. Our bridal consultants are ready to assist, so schedule your visit today.