Stressed About Your Wedding? Read This Post To Relax

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Stressed About Your Wedding? Read This Post To Relax

Most brides have a dream wedding in mind. In that dream, everything is perfect, and worth writing a book about. However, bringing that dream into reality can be quite a task. It can be even more draining if you don’t have close people supporting and cheering you on. On the other hand, even with a great team working with you, there are things that may work you up. Whatever your situation, this post was written with you in mind.

Know You’re Not Alone

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

If you have been thinking that you are the only bride who is worked up about her wedding, you’re not. Additionally, it’s not because there’s something you’re not doing right. It’s all about how wedding planning is.

It’s easy to wonder why people stress so much when wedding planning, but the truth is, it’s totally normal for someone to struggle with stress levels while, you know, planning a major event with dozens of guests. Don’t believe me? Believe science.

According to Psychology Today, there are two types of trauma: big “T” and small “t” trauma. Basically, they’re exactly what they sound like, with big “T” trauma being things like car accidents, wars, natural disasters, and small “t” traumas being… wedding planning. Yes, wedding planning can be so stressful that it can be classified as a type of trauma. Knowing that, it makes total sense that people would be seriously stressed out while planning their wedding…Read more at Elite Daily

Now you can get that pressure off yourself. Expecting that wedding planning could be a stressful process is the first step in managing it. You’re on the first step to relaxing.

Get All The Help You Can

Anytime you feel overwhelmed, reach out for help. It is not enough that you appreciate the pressure, you also need to manage it. Failure to do this could even lead to mental health issues.

…it is no surprise that a bride or groom’s mental health could be at risk. This can be due to both the stress induced by all of the planning, as well as the anxiety of the actual day of the event. Some types of mental health concerns that can be caused by the complex web of planning a wedding include:

Induced worry, concern, fear, and nervousness can develop from both planning the wedding and dealing with the day of
Feelings of sadness may develop if friends and/or family members feelings are hurt in the process
The unexpected stress can create a state of depression when you were expecting wedding planning to be fun and easy Read more at Clarity Clinic

If you notice any of these concerns coming up as you plan for the big day, just talk about it. You were never meant to carry the weight of it all alone. In fact, seeing a therapist could just be all you need to be back to your happy self.

Choose To Be In Control

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Yep, there is a way you can handle the planning process that’ll kick you out of the driver’s seat. Do not allow yourself to lose your grip on the outcome of the wedding. After all, it is your big day, isn’t it?

Recognise that you’re not always going to please everyone, so set some limits — it’s your wedding after all and you’re entitled to have it the way you want it. Be aware of situations when you’re making a mountain of a molehill or not reading the situation correctly.

Your friends and family are your support network and weddings are the perfect time to bond with them further. Take some time to relax with them — but leave the subject of the wedding off the table. It will be good for your wellbeing. Read more at North West Brides

Another way to take the reins is to log out of your social media networks. There will always be the temptation to look at your friends’ weddings and compare them with your plans. Avoid that trap and choose to be happy with what you and your hubby-to-be have agreed on. That way, your wedding will be yours- and not a copy of someone elses.

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