The Davis Wedding

The Davis Wedding

Couple: Clark and Colleen Davis

Wedding Date: January 23, 2017

Location: Caribbean Princess, Middle of the Ocean

The Wedding Dress: Allure Couture, style C280

Photography: Jonathon

More Details: Clark and I have family who live all over the U.S., so deciding where to have a wedding was more difficult than agreeing to get married. After much consideration, we were wed on Monday, January 23rd at 3:30pm in a small chapel onboard the Caribbean Princess. Twenty-three of our closest family members embarked on the week-long cruise and took part in our wedding experience. The day of our wedding was an unusually rough day at sea with winds up to 45 knots causing 15-foot waves! I can’t say I did not get sick in my wedding dress; however, I can say that the dress remained in perfect ivory condition thanks to the help of my wonderful husband and family. Although the day was nothing like we had imagined, it was even better. The evening ended with a private reception in the Skywalker Nightclub where we danced the night away. In all, it was a memory neither of us will ever forget!

As for my wedding gown, like you see on TV the moment I put on the dress, I gasped. I knew it was the right one by the way it hugged my curves and made me feel beautiful. I adored all the lace details, and the buttons on the back made the dress so classy looking. It was definitely the talk of the formal evening onboard the ship that night. I had people coming up to me all week expressing how much they loved my dress.