Wedding Colors: Good Advice For Picking Yours

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Wedding Colors: Good Advice For Picking Yours

The planning process for a wedding needs to be thorough if your big day is to be successful. Some of the major details of a wedding include the venue, the theme, and colors. These three are like triplets that are intricately intertwined. So, after you have chosen the venue and the theme, you need to determine your color scheme. This post will offer some helpful tips.

Surprise Yourself

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

Well, hopefully, as you plan for your wedding, you’ll learn to embrace the world of surprises. How? You may end up changing your colors several times over. But that’s okay! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even so, some tips may help as you grapple with your decision:

First up, you and your partner need to make some very basic decisions: What general colors are you going for? What is the general visual style and vibe that you want? I talked to one of APW’s favorite wedding designers, Michelle Edgemont, and she suggested that instead of picking the traditional two colors, that you pick four (or more) colors, to create more of a palette. This can make decorating feel less restrictive and more organic. If you’re organized, one or two of these colors can serve as your main color, and one or two can serve as your accent colors. If you’re less, uh, focused, having a color palette can simply be a far more relaxing way to decorate. Read more at A Practical Wedding…

Yes, you can actually get away with more than two colors. Your wedding color choice isn’t set in stone. Give yourself some freedom and enjoy the magical effect.

Prioritize Yourself

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

If you don’t already know this, be warned: you will find yourself surrounded by a host of well-meaning ‘wedding advisors’. Mostly, they just want the best for you. However, some of them will want your wedding to make up for what they missed at their wedding. So remember to just be you!

Choose What You Like:
As you choose colors, remember that they should be expressions of your personality. So choosing your colors mustn’t be about trends, but what you love. What’s your signature color? Check your dress closets, makeup box, shoe collections, and even your kitchenware. Chances are that you buy colors that you love most. Incorporate them into your wedding because, like we always say, it’s all about you. Read more at Wedding Forward…

Avoid the temptation of totally ignoring your man’s opinion. You may be amazed that he has an interesting suggestion that could just make a picture-perfect wedding.

Fascinate Yourself

New York Bride & Groom of Charlotte

You can surprise yourself even more by choosing colors that are appropriate for the season. Each of the seasons has a natural beauty that can be enhanced using certain colors. Planning for a winter wedding? These tips could help you:

Seasonal colors, such as red, burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are some of the most popular winter wedding colors—and for good reason. Whether you pick one of these colors or use a combination of several, the darker jewel tones will add richness and glamour to your winter wedding decor. Metallic gold and silver are also extremely fitting for a winter wedding, since they add an element of shimmer that’s both festive and romantic. Read more at Wedding Wire…

Part of fascinating yourself is thinking outside the box. Who says you have to do things as they have always been done? If your creative juices are always flowing, this is your chance to explore. Enjoy the process and make your big day a stunning affair.

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